"Sule and The Case of The Tiny Sparks"

Directed by: Shawnee' Gibbs & Shawnelle Gibbs

Written By: Rene Rawls

Last year a friend of ours, screenwriter Rene Rawls, came to us with an idea about a small, loveable African proverb detective to be submitted to the Tribeca Film Institute's TAA Mandela Day Award. We signed onboard to direct the project and all crossed our fingers as we awaited Tribeca's response.

We were rewarded with an early Christmas present: Tribeca had chosen the project as one of 5 films that celebrates the spirit of Nelson Mandela's life work and demonstrates that anyone could 'make an imprint' on their world.

Armed with a modest budget and a large dream, we set out to create a timeless animated piece that inspires audiences to action, and built a team of wonderfully talented artists to help us with this mission.

The culmination of months of work from designers, story board artists, animators, actors, producers and sound and music teams is the 11 min short.

We invite you to watch "Sule and The Case of the Tiny Sparks" and help us celebrate the life of a wonderfully inspiring man.

Thank you,
Shawnee' & Shawnelle Gibbs


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