Oct. 29, 2004

Click here for our New Blog! It's an updated account of our Adventures in Hollywood.




Sept. 11, 2004

It's amazing that Sept 11th has rolled around again, marking the 3rd year since the New York tragedies...anniversary's bring with them so many memories, some very painful and hard to forget...

We VERY recently relocated from the San Francisco Bay Area down to Los Angeles. What a difference! I don't think we ever noticed the smog as much, until we realized we had to LIVE in it...lol.

Today we will be speaking on an Entertainment Panel at the Los Angeles Black Business Expo at the LA Convention Center. Thanks to Valiant Robinson, a very cool soul, of the Christian Film & Television Market International.

Another big thanks to Rebecca of Toon Talents for featuring us on the Amateur toons section of her website. It's such a great resource and we encourage you to visit.

The next episode for ABA will debut early next month due to our re-settling, re-adjusting and re-writing of a feature length script that we're currently collabing on.

Until next time...

July 25th, 2004

Thanks to Jere B of Soundoctrine, a christian funk band, for including us in their monthly newsletter. We met Jere B at the Hollywood Black Film Festival. He's a man with a genuine love for people and we can see awesome things happening for him (and his band) in the future.

Festival Update: Adopted by Aliens and our short film Ravishing Raspberry will screen at the Roxbury Film Festival in Boston this August. Check the website for updates.


July 16th, 2004

After what seemed like centuries in the making, the second episode of Adopted by Aliens is finally complete and available for viewing! The process took a little longer this time around because of several unforseen delays but thank goodness it's finished!

We're really excited about the possibility of selling Adopted By Aliens merchandise online in the very near future...We'll keep you posted.


July 7th, 2004

More Delays ahead... Unfortunately we didn't account for the birthday fuss and aftermath in our preparation for the new episode. For those of you who keep checking back, please bear with us for a few extra days. Not only are we tweaking the "The Abduction, " we're also trying to work off these beautiful birthday bellies....And so it turns out the next installment of ABA will be available on Monday, July 12th @ 10 pm, and that is our final answer. Stay tooned!

There is also good news to leak: ABA could possibly make its debut on the big-screen later this summer at an East Coast (USA) film festival. Check back for details.


July 5th, 2004

"Happy Birthday to Us!!!"

It's been a spell since our last posting but we've been incredibly busy the last two weeks. The week before, we packed up our whole little office and drove down South for the Hollywood Black Film Festival. We've been up and down California's I-5 so much within the past year, it's about time that we get our own exit!

We created cute little promos for our film "Ravishing Raspberry," which screened at this year's festival. Amazing what a little glue and elbow grease can do! Met some really good people and saw some great films.

Photos: A scenic view of I-5, our promos for Ravishing Raspberry, and Shawnelle working with a student at "Girls Go Tech."

Back Home to the Beautiful Bay

We drove back up from LA on Sunday and Monday morning we had to begin new teaching jobs--talk about exhausting! Shawnelle began teaching Flash animation to girls in the "Girls Go Tech" program in San Francisco and I began teaching video to a group of young women in Oakland.

All of this has been said to say that the second episode will be pushed back until Thursday, July 8th. We apologize for the delay and are currently workin' extra hard to get it to you good folks.

Until next time!


June 16th, 2004

Hey everybody. Today is our first weblog. It's also the birthdate of one of our oldest and dearest friends, Shaneek. It's a day of celebration for another reason--we've finally launched the complete website! It's like a twelve step program around here, we're taking this thing one day at a time.

It's been a lot of good music and bad coffee that's gotten us through the making of our first episode for the series and website. Shouts out to Usher, Kanye West, Lizz Wright, and to all the good people who share their mp3 files so that we could listen to performances from the talented Fantasia Barrino and recent works from the elusive Lauryn Hill. Music is VERY important around these parts.

Since the launch of the first episode, Shawnelle has quit her job, we've volunteered and met some good folks at the San Francisco Black Film Festival and 'the plan' has begun to relocate to Los Angeles.

Adopted By Aliens is our most extensive project to date and we appreciate those of you who have visited the site and given comments. Stick with us and we might just be able to launch this thing into the next dimension. People usuallly ask us what we plan 'to do' with our projects. First and foremost, we hope to entertain and give viewers a worthwhile experience. If we succeed with that goal, everything else will fall in line...

We've gotta get back to business, folks! We'll keep you posted.




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