Tonya Powell as "Nyesha"

Tonya began performing improvisational drama with the Black Repertory Theater in junior high school. After earning a B.A. in psychology from San Francisco State University she decided to pursue an on-camera acting career. She signed with STARS, The Agency in 2000, and continues to work in voice-over, theater, on-camera and independent film.

Originally trained as a dancer, she studies and performs with internationally recognized master dancers. She currently travels cross country performing educational theater and Senegalese dance. A partial list of credits includes: Coca-cola, 3DO video, Levi's Jeans, Digeo, World Savings Bank, WINGS Learning System, Globalstar and Wal-Mart.

Nicole McDaniel-Sims as "Deja"

Nicole Mc Daniel Sims, fresh off of her acting debut in "Lipology" joined forces with Shawnee and Shawnelle Gibbs for a second time in "Ravishing Raspberry." This married mother of a beautiful young daughter loves art, fitness and culture as her diverse background of African-Haitian Dance, Swahili, and Gymnastics shows.

"Ravishing Raspberry" was the first role she actually audition for in a film and presented new challenges for the budding actress. Nerves aside, Nicole, known to her friends as "Miss Drama Queen," decided to give the role of "Deja" all she had and found herself enjoying the art of acting as the production breezed by.

Daphne O'Neal as "Bee"

Actor/singer/dancer/musician Daphne O'Neal has ample experience in theatre, film and video, but this is her first multi-media project. And the first time her lips have taken center stage! This summer, Daphne sings in a chorus of 12 in the Scott Joplin opera Treemonisha at San Francisco's Stern Grove Festival. She also appears in the indie film Robin's Hood, selected by the Toronto and San Francisco GLBT Film Festivals. Though her performing arts opportunities continue to grow, Daphne is happiest at the piano with Chopin, Beethoven, and Mozart.

Susie Butler as "The Ravishing Raspberry Ad"

Susie Butler is a woman of many faces. Her work in San Francisco's Bay Area Arts & Entertainment community is as extensive as it is diverse. Her sensational vocal skills, landed her the role of of the legendary jazz great Sarah Vaughan in "Birdland '55". She has hosted televisions shows and performed in music and theater venues across the country.

Talent runs in the family as Susie's sister, Jacqueline Butler-Drummond would tell you. She also contributed her voice-over skills to the "Ravishing Raspberry" project.



Tina Marie Murray as "The Woman"

Tina Marie Murray is an actress/singer/songwriter performing in film, television, radio voicever, on stage, industrial film and wherever she has a willing audience. Her voiceover work includes character voices in the Steven Spielberg film "Minority Report", tags for GMC Pontiac Vibe and Ford Mustang, Visa International, Wal Mart and much more. You can view a retrospective of Tina's career highlights at

Her most recent film role can be experienced at the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Film Festival June 2003 as Chelsea Chuwawa in the independent, soon to be genre classic "Mango Kiss".

Clarence Johnson as "Security"


Fellow castmate Mary Ann Tidwell referred Clarence to us by saying "You're going to love him." When Clarence, hours later, came in to read for two small parts in the film, we knew we had to have that voice in our project. Although Clarence was not one of the film's main characters, his voice is likely to be remembered by all who hear it. It's rich, warm and coupled with a matching personality, will take him far in his quest for stardom.

Jay as "Mr. Attractive"

Hervé a.k.a Jay is from the Ivory Coast. Fluent in French and English, Jay took advantage of his
African/Caribbean accent to portray the "attractive
man" in "Ravishing Raspberry". In his free time, Jay
likes to write lyrics, poems and short stories and
occasionally make music.

Mary Ann Tidwell "Background Voices"

Mary Ann Tidwell Broussard has performed with several Bay Area Theaters, including traveling productions. Mary Ann is considered an icon on stage, cast as lead/character roles in drama, fantasy and gothic horror, including several films submitted to the Sundance Film Festival. In August 2001, she wrote, produced and directed a One Woman Show performed at the Black Repertory Theatre in Berkeley.

She is a playwright, poet, director and has also written for Children's Television Network Programs. She enjoyed the challenge of creating multiple character voices in the Ravishing Raspberry Film and is currently working on publishing a new book tentatively titled, "I'm Not My Twin."