Shawnelle Gibbs--Director

"Ravishing Raspberry" for me, represented an opportunity to incorporate alot of who I am into a single project; Writer, director artist, singer, budding comedian, etc. Shawnee and I decided to create a unique and out-of-the-box project as an offering to actors and audiences desiring to be apart of something different. For us, it was important that the film was organic--like produce grown fresh in our own backyard.

The process: tweaking the characters, reworking the script and creating the various scenes, was magical at times and down-right frustrating at others. But watching many of those moments on screen--digitally crafted from the ground up--are worth every minute of the sweat and tears that went into creating them.

The RR cast was a complete joy to work with and each actor did all s/he could to infuse life into the animated characters. Shawnee and I are extremely proud of our first narrative venture and look forward to growing and producing at least one film a year from here on out.


Shawnee Gibbs--Director

There's nothing like having the freedom to allow your imagination to run wild and the energy to capture it. At this stage in our filmmaking careers, Shawnelle and I are not afraid to take risks.

"Ravishing Raspberry" was the result of several invisible factors, the first was our desire to create something completely out-of-the-box. We wanted to venture down the rarely traveled path of experimental film and stumble upon something new.

We were also strapped for cash and needed to get our story told with a limited amount of resources. Long live Independent Filmmaking!

Finally, as artists we need to create. If I'm not drawing, singing, writing or directing I feel stifled and unfulfilled, as if I'm not living up to my potential. With so many outside forces affecting the time that I have to commit to my art, it's always good to set aside artistic goals and see them met.

I truly enjoyed creating the "Ravishing Raspberry" project from start to finish.